The contributions of the following contributors are gratefully acknowledged: Eddie Keir, Jenny Michael and Lesley Tan (Audiologists); John Fisher (Speech Pathologist); Joy Birrell, Glenice Cook, Elizabeth Fear, Judith Moon, Heather Robinson, Heather Somerville and Louise Tomlinson (Research Assistants), as is the willing support and participation of educational administrators, principals and teachers in Victorian government schools since 1999.

The assistance of the secondary schools in the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors, for the secondary students’ data is also acknowledged. Thanks ois also due to the valued administrative and financial support provided by: the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute; the Australian Council for Educational Research; the Department of Education and Training, Victoria,; the Helen McPherson Smith Foundation; the Department of General Medicine and Audiology Royal Chidlren’s Hospital, Melbourne.

The assistance of Anne Semple, Joy Birrell, Heather Somerville, Elizabeth and Tony Fear and students from Fitzroy North Primary School, Fitrzroy Secondary College and Hoppers Crossing Secondary ollege and the staff of the Educational Resource Centre (including Gigi Williams, Jo Griggs, Ben Suter, Rachel Paterson, Barbara McDonald and Dhanuka Kaluarachchi in the production of this kit is greatly appreciated.

©2006, 2013, 2014 Katherine Rowe, Jan Pollard and Ken Rowe